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Why hire a full-time employee at a premium when our knowledgeable and highly experienced consultants can help you run your home healthcare agency at a fraction of the cost? We fill positions and complete administrative tasks and tedious regulatory compliance paperwork so you can do what you do best—provide the utmost in quality care.

Ann M Lozano

Ann M Lozano


Ann started in home health care accidentally in 2006 while she was figuring out what to do with a Political Science and Business degree in San Antonio. A part time job in a private pay PAS agency turned into managing a private pay PAS agency, which turned into Regional Director for a Medicaid PAS program, and then to Administrator at an adult Home Health Agency.

In 2013, she started Forte Consulting Group with Tracy Gleason to offer better and more thoughtful services to their clients, and that goal hasn’t changed. Ann constantly looks for better and more functional ways to provide the best possible services to our clients. This sometimes means that she will reorganize everything in the office because it makes more sense and forget to inform everyone where things have been moved to.

Tracy Gleason

Tracy Gleason, LMSW


Tracy is passionate about healthcare owners and strives to serve her clients with the highest quality service. In a rapidly evolving field, she wants Forte clients to perform their best work for compliance, growth, and success. She brings 27 years of experience in prior ownerships, working in the field and in administrative roles in several areas such as nursing homes, hospice, home health, disabled children and counseling to convicted minors. She holds a master’s in social work and a CHAP certified Consultant.

Born and raised in upstate NY, Tracy moved to Texas in 1997. When not helping Forte clients, she enjoys spending time with grandchildren, kids, and friends. She’s been known to host karaoke, pageant, and pajama parties, among some of the many crazy themes she’s dreamed up in the past.

Tiffany Simmons

Tiffany Simmons

Senior Consultant

Somewhere between growing up in a large family and becoming a mother, Tiffany discovered that helping others brings her the greatest joy. Naturally, after graduating with a Journalism degree from the University of North Texas, she did as all great journalists do and went home to begin a career in something else—home healthcare.

She started her career 15 years ago as the most enthusiastic healthcare scheduler San Antonio has ever seen and worked her way up the ladder to become a Home Health Corporate Office Manager. Because of her dedication and diverse knowledge in adult and pediatric care, she was granted the greatest opportunity to become a senior consultant at Forte Consulting Group. Tiffany is endlessly resourceful and always puts the needs of others first.

Belinda Galindo, RN

Clinical Supervisor and Trainer

Belinda helps keep the Forte team up to date with changes in Hospice and Home Health while also making sure all of the nurses that work for us stay on the same page and work together as a team.