A Step-By-Step Guide to Hospice Accreditation

However overwhelming the process of accreditation for your hospice business may seem, it’s actually a fairly straightforward process with four basic steps. Each of those steps could require some research and preparation, so be sure you’re aware of the process from beginning to end before you even get started. This guide to hospice accreditation will give you the opportunity to prepare at each juncture in the journey. Some states will have different requirements and steps, so if you live in California, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, or Wisconsin, click the name of your state to see the specific requirements for these [...]

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Four Ways a Home Healthcare Consultant Can Help Your Business

Starting and maintaining a home healthcare agency isn’t easy. However far you are in your journey, you should be commended for your efforts. It’s okay to admit that you need help sometimes, though. That’s why consulting companies exist—to provide the assistance you need to reach your next milestone when scaling your company. If you’re in need of support in various areas of your home healthcare agency, consider the many ways a consultant could help. Knowing the Process Whether you are a new agency working toward accreditation, a large agency with hundreds of patients and years of experience, or anywhere in [...]

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How to Successfully Run a Hospice Business

Many people would prefer to spend the last days of their lives in the comfort of their own homes. With a hospice business, you could help these families fulfill their wishes. Before you begin, you must understand the difference between a home health agency and a hospice agency. Home health agencies may provide long-term care with nursing and therapy services under the order of a physician. Hospice care provides care to patients who are terminally ill, and includes physical, emotional, and social therapy, as well as services for the patient’s family. If you’d like to begin the journey so that [...]

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What You Need to Start and Maintain a Home Health Agency

Because the US home healthcare market is expected to grow to $173 billion annually by 2026, starting your own home health agency could be a lucrative choice, while also giving you opportunities to provide care and comfort to those who need it. For many, these are attractive reasons to start a home health business, but it’s important to understand everything you’ll need to succeed before you get started. From general business knowledge to specific home health requirements, all the way to customer care so you can retain clients, here’s what you need to know. Legal Requirements for Starting a Home [...]

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What to Do After Findings of Deficiency During Surveys

After a survey, receiving findings of deficiency can seem insurmountable. You’ve already worked hard to get where you are. Where is the time to improve upon what you’ve already done? Before you panic or feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath. You have options. Let’s start with understanding the basics of the surveys. When you understand the components, you can break each down to better evaluate your home health or hospice agency. The Process of Surveys Whether a routine initial survey or a 36-month resurvey, the visits will be unannounced. Other reasons for surveys—also unannounced—could include change of ownership, reactivation of [...]

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A Home Health Agency Growth Strategy That Works

As a home health agency owner, you have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. It’s easy to believe that everything will fall into place as you go, simply because you have the passion and drive that got you this far in the first place. Having faith in your business and your abilities isn’t enough, though. You must develop a clear plan for growth and a strategy to help you reach those goals. To do this, you must start with four questions, and be honest as you answer them. Where Are You Now? When was the last time [...]

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